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Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner

Learn the skills necessary to create your own holistic wellness practice. Gain valuable skills in Entrepreneurial Business Development, Professional Communications, Life Coaching, and Social Media Marketing. Select a specialty track to further hone your professional skills and guide your transition into a career as a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Mindfulness & Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapist, or Spiritual Coach. Polish your education and get prepared to launch your entrepreneurial pursuit by completing the capstone business plan with the help of our Success Center.



Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner

Learn the foundations of Holistic Nutrition and dive into more advanced topics, including anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, nutrition life cycles, nutritional support for the mind, principles of botanical medicine, and coaching techniques for future clients. Choose between four exceptional specialty concentrations: Fitness Nutrition Educator, Natural Foods Culinary Specialist, and Hypnotherapist, and Mindfulness and Guided Imagery Facilitator.

This program is designed to prepare you for Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition. Upon graduation, you are eligible for Professional Level Membership with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), the first step in applying for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB) exam.




Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Learn proven wellness tools, introduce mind-body-spirit balance to your life, and prepare yourself to meet the needs of those you will ultimately serve as a holistic healer. Start out with a suite of courses in Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Entrepreneurship, and Transpersonal Psychology. Gain introductory experience with mind-body healing modalities such as aromatherapy, aroma-auriculotherapy, flower essences, toe reading, and soul coaching. Then select your specializations—including Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Angel Guidance, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery Facilitation, Holistic Nutrition, Spiritual Coaching, and Clinical Hypnotherapy—and build the foundations of your future practice!



Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Receive your Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certificate of Excellence while learning the foundational principles of whole food nutrition, promoting optimal health, and preventing illness. Get educated in S.O.U.L. nutrition—Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, and Local whole foods—and start implementing these practices for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle!




Learn to apply and practice the foundations of hypnotherapy! Gain experience in creating healing metaphors, using trance-work as a tool for transformation and healing, guiding clients through major lifestyle changes, aiding clients to release fear, practicing pain management, and implementing visualization techniques for health, wealth, and happiness.

This Certificate qualifies you for external certification through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH), and American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).



Clinical Hypnotherapy

Learn to apply and practice the foundations of hypnotherapy while gaining additional knowledge of advanced techniques! Prepare yourself to work with children, couples, individuals, and groups who are committed to bringing greater awareness to their lives and gain proficiency in treating fears, phobias, addictions, examining past life regressions, creating custom hypnotherapy scripts, using Neuro-linguistic programming in your sessions, interpreting dreams and metaphors, applying medical imagery, and aiding clients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This Certificate fulfills the requirements of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), qualifying you for external certification as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA), National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH), and American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). 



Intuitive Guide

Learn to tap into your inner voice and the guidance of the Divine so that you may better serve as a messenger for others here on Earth! Gain techniques for accessing and developing your intuition, determine your divine communication style, begin direct work with your Spiritual Guides, explore superconscious guidance, sacred reading space, reading protocols, and much more!



Life Coaching

Learn the foundational tools, strategies, and techniques of transformational coaching through our Life Coaching Certificate. Practice producing results in the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of others through one-on-one coaching practice, and deepen your own quality of life in the process!



Mindfulness and Guided Imagery Facilitator

Learn to facilitate mindfulness and the practice of being present for others so that they may enjoy more peaceful, healthy, and mindful lives! Explore the science, art, and practice of mindfulness; become familiar with the Mindful Guided Imagery (MGI) Model and its techniques; learn to prepare MGI scripts for clients; broaden your own mindfulness practice with strategies engaging the Yoga Sutras, neuroscience, brain reprogramming, and emotional intelligence; and get direct experience both observing and leading mindful guided imagery sessions.



Spiritual Coach and Celebrant

Learn to serve others during the most important milestones of their lives, including births, weddings, sickness, and transitions. Examine principles, perspectives, philosophies, and rituals of the seven great world religions; gain an understanding of prayer as a universal practice; learn about the art, poetry, music, writings, and practices of mystics; identify, claim, and cultivate your personal spiritual gifts; and much more! Through this Certificate, you may even choose to become ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement.



Toe Reading

Learn how to practice the healing art of Toe Reading through the use of active listening, soul-searching questioning, and deeply skilled insight. Master facilitating dialogue to help shift the awareness of self and to aid others in creating lasting change for themselves.


Why receive your holistic healer training through SWIHA?

  • SWIHA is committed to creating a Conscious College Community. Our mission is to inspire individuals to discover their gifts and graces and to support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way. 
  • All graduates receive ongoing support through our Success Center, including placement assistance, entrepreneurial coaching, resume help, and much more.
  • SWIHA is state licensed and nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).
  • Financial Aid is available to those who enroll in programs of 600 hours or more.

What are our Great Graduates saying?

“If your heart is truly passionate about people and healing, this is your path. If you need to heal old wounds and grow as a person, this is a good path. Massage makes you lower your barriers and learn to trust. Most of all, I am an individual, and I tailored my experience to what spoke to me so I could enhance my skills and become a success.”

Jorinda Nardone

Spa Director at Green Valley Ranch Spa
Las Vegas, NV


“Without my SWIHA education, I would still be stuck in the same career that I intensely disliked.”

Kiera Stroup

Owner and Founder of Sonoran Serenity Spa
Tempe, AZ