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Make a positive difference in the lives of others through life coach training!

Do you want to bring out the best in yourself and others? Are you looking for a career in which you can offer uplifting support and encouragement to those who want to transform their health, relationships, and entire lives?

Developed by SWIHA founder KC Miller and Hypnotherapy Program Director/Life Coach Instructor Linda Bennett, our life coach training programs are based upon the Twelve Guiding Principles of Transformational Life Coaching. The underlying belief behind our coaching courses is that we have the answers to all our problems within us already. SWIHA is simply here to help you uncover the personal power to access those solutions!


Life Coaching Online and On Campus

Certificate of Excellence - 100 hours

Learn the foundational tools, strategies, and techniques of transformational coaching through our Life Coaching Certificate. Practice producing results in the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of others through one-on-one coaching practice, and deepen your own quality of life in the process!


Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner - Online and On-Campus

Diploma - 600 hours

Gain clarity of intention while experiencing your own personal transformation through SWIHA’s life coach training. With these tools in hand, you will be able to transition into entrepreneurial-focused courses and other specialties of your choosing, including Holistic Nutrition Coaching, Urban Farming, Hypnotherapy, and more.


Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner - Online

Diploma - 750 hours

This online diploma is rooted in three core practices: Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Entrepreneurial Business, and Transpersonal Psychology. When enrolled in this program, you will learn to integrate healing modalities into your coaching practice to begin the process of spiritual, mental, and physical healing for your clients.

*Certificates of Excellence are not designed to serve as stand-alone vocational training and will not prepare you for gainful employ- ment if taken independently of a diploma or degree program.

Why receive your life coach training through SWIHA?

  • SWIHA is committed to creating a Conscious College Community. Our mission is to inspire individuals to discover their gifts and graces and to support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way.
  • All graduates receive ongoing support through our Success Center, including placement assistance, entrepreneurial coaching, resume help, and much more.
  • SWIHA is state licensed and nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify and enroll in programs of 600 hours or more.

SWIHA - Life Coaching Program

What are our Great Graduates saying?

“The program blew me away. It helped me discover who I truly am. I went through a major personal transformation in the program. I loved when they taught us the difference between our head, heart and inner knowing. Learning the importance of listening to our guts or inner knowing--not just with our minds--was a crucial lesson for me.”

Courtney Long

Published Author and Founder of Illuminate Your Purpose
SWIHA Graduate


“Through the Life Coaching program, I learned so much about what we do to ourselves based on fear and resentment. It gave me permission to make new choices for my life and unplug from society on the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” while dedicating my life to helping others. There truly isn’t any higher form of service than helping others.”

Brian Zahn

Founder of Be The Key Life Coaching
SWIHA Graduate