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January is National Be On-Purpose Month!
Facebook Live Sessions

Join us in January 2023 for Live sessions every day on SWIHA’s Facebook at 12PM AZ Time! Each day will feature a different guest speaker who will inspire you to live your life ‘on-purpose.’

This month is all about encouraging us to start the new year by purposely putting our good intentions into action, both personally and professionally. Follow along with our speakers as they touch on various aspects of our life where living with intention can truly up-level our quality of life!

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KC Miller is the Founder of SWIHA with a passion for touching lives, facilitating healing on all levels and helping to free Souls so they might live their lives on purpose. KC believes there are no extra human beings, rather that we all have a destiny to fulfill. Join her as she offers tangible steps and strategies to take your business, your relationships or your connection to the Divine to a new level.

KC will be Live on the following dates:

Sunday, January 1 - What if … Explore 5 life changing questions about your purpose

Sunday, January 8 - PAUSE — The power of breath, intention and rest.

Sunday, January 15 - READINESS — Explore the “yea buts” and other destructive ways we sabotage our success

Sunday, January 22 - ASK — You can get as much as you ask for. Discover a way to ask for what you want, and get more than you asked

Sunday, January 29 - YOKE — Increase your connection with the Divine

Linda Bennett is a Transformational Life Coach, Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Board-Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor.

The focus of her work is Heart Centered, facilitating the empowerment and balance of mind, body, and spirit. She has a passion for making a difference in the world and being of service to all. Her goal is to make sure everyone knows they are more than good enough!

Linda will be Live on the following dates:

Monday, January 2 - Being on Purpose through Intentional Living

Monday, January 9 - Finding your Bliss

Monday, January 16 - Avoiding the resistance to living on purpose

Monday, January 23 - Answering the call. Are you listening?

Monday, January 30 - Imagination is the key to your success!

Online Academic Advisor and On Campus Instructor.

Janet lives on purpose with her passion for health and wellness. As a health educator, coach and living food chef; clients, students and patients have been supported with a holistic approach of whole body wellness.

Janet will be Live on the following dates:

Tuesday, January 3 - Be On Purpose in the Kitchen

Tuesday, January 10 - Be On Purpose with your Health

Tuesday, January 17 - Be On Purpose with your Mind

Tuesday, January 24 - Be On Purpose with your Habits

Tuesday, January 31 - Healthy Recipes

Sharon Rose is High Priestess of the Goddess Leadership Academy, Master Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Womens Empowerment Activist devoted to helping her students and clients connect more deeply to themselves so they can live their most vibrant life. Born in Miami and raised in NYC, she found her true calling in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past decade, she has spent her time studying yoga, coaching, the Chakras, and Womens Spirituality and Faiths. Through diving deep into her own heart, discovering and clearing out the beliefs, stories, and behaviors that held her back She has cultivated a life and business that enjoys unlimited amount of love, fun, creativity, and exploration.

Sharon will be Live on the following dates:

Wednesday, January 4 - 3 Ways to Shift Your Energy And Move Into Action

Wednesday, January 11 - 4 Steps to Prioritize Your Values for Easy Decision Making

Wednesday, January 18 - 10 Ideas for Creating Aligned Routines & Rituals For Happier Days

Wednesday, January 25 - How to Use Lunar Astrology to Align Your Vibe & Shine

James Patrick is the owner of James Patrick Lifestyle Training. James’ mission is to fuel passion, expose purpose and motivate actions that inspire a new way to be through interactive coaching and personal training. His passion is to support individuals who have difficulty with time investment and organization to create structures and routines so that they can be more efficient in their personal and professional lives. He believes the proper investment of our time serves as foundation to which all goals and achievement are built upon. It’s about conditioning the mind and our behaviors just as you would train the body for optimum performance. James is a published author and a 2009 graduate of the award-winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. He is a motivational presenter, certified Firewalking Instructor from the Firewalking Institute of Research & Education, NBHWC trained health & wellness coach, NASM personal trainer, behavior change specialist and career development instructor.

James will be Live on the following dates:

Thursday, January 5 - Owning your Presence – YOU are enough!

Thursday, January 12 - Define the Fire Within – Importance of KNOWING what you want and attaching your why?

Thursday, January 19 - Living on Purpose – Embrace fear to take conscious action.

Thursday, January 26 - Make Shift Happen – Conditioning Progress

Suzie McLaughlin has worked for SWIHA for 14 years. She is an author, instructor and practitioner of mind and body awareness, otherwise known as Somatic Therapy. Suzie’s book ‘Redefining Rich: 8 steps to Unlatch Emotions from Money and Create Wealth’ provides worthy tools that will change your outlook on money. Rather than having mental barriers associated with money beliefs, Suzie’s book will walk you through the process of altering your relationship with money to be more intentional with it, therefore, creating new and more empowering thought processes when it comes to your wallet!

Suzie will be Live on the following dates:

Friday, January 6 - The simple phrase that holds great power

Friday, January 13 - What is Wealth? 8 ways to create it

Friday, January 20 - Top 5 Money Habits

Friday, January 27 - 5 Steps to an Easy Budget System

Kerry Burki is the author and creator of the book and online course, Tend To Your Vibration. She is passionate about finding unique and simple ways to help herself and others feel good about themselves. She has her B.A. in Religious Studies and is a certified yoga teacher, transformational life coach, metaphysical practitioner, and intuitive counselor. She also teaches the concepts in Napolean Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. One of the big things she has learned is that while she loves learning and gaining new knowledge, it only gets her so far. The magic lies in practicing what you learned. When you tend to your vibration, you become more joyful, intuitive, creative, and impactful.

Kerry will be Live on the following dates:

Saturday, January 7 - Discover Your 2023 Animal Guide - Learn what type of energy is showing up to support this year.

Saturday, January 14 - Who Do You Want To Become? Manifesting is not about getting, it’s about becoming.

Saturday, January 21 - Tend To Your Vibration - Discover simple ways to come back in alignment with yourself.

Saturday, January 28 - Be Gentle With Yourself - A gentle yoga, breath, and meditation practice to come home to yourself and integrate all the lessons from this month.