Yoga Teacher Training


Being a Yoga Teacher is not just about helping others get a physical workout. Our Yoga Teacher Training is focused on the discovery of your authentic self, how to show up in the world consciously, and remaining present — on and off the mat!

  • No Gurus: We believe that Yoga was created with the intention of inclusivity.  Our program welcomes all backgrounds, belief systems and skill levels!
  • Spirituality and Science: You will learn the philosophy and history  of Yoga alongside anatomy, sequencing and cues. Our advanced yoga programs offer specialty and business courses.
  • Trauma Informed: Our program focuses on hands-off adjustments and emphasizes the importance of requesting consent before making physical contact.

Yoga Program Options

Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours)

Ready to dive into the world of yoga? From postures and philosophy to styles and teaching techniques, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga. In the final weeks of training, you’ll put your skills on display by designing, teaching and receiving feedback through actual studio classes.

Yoga Advanced Teacher Training (600 Hours)*

Expand your skill set and teach more effectively.
Courses including Yogic Energy Anatomy & Chakra, Yin, and Restorative Postures will help you understand yoga on a deeper level, and with 100 hours of electives to choose from - or a specialty in Yoga Body Psychology or Yoga Nidra - you can tailor this program to your specific interests and goals.

Advanced Yoga Teacher & Healing Arts Practitioner (600 Hours)*

Whether you're interested in working one-on-one with clients or teaching in a group setting, this program will tailor your unique skills as a Yoga Teacher. In the Yoga Therapy path, you'll learn how to create and hold sacred space for clients, and how to use breathwork and other techniques to promote healing and well-being. If your goal is to teach yoga in a studio setting, our Yoga Studio   track teaches you how to design classes that meet the needs of your students, and how to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

*Financial Aid is available for qualified individuals.

SWIHA & Spirit of Yoga

We are an award-winning, nationally accredited college based in Tempe, Arizona. Since 1992, our mission at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts has been to provide high-quality, affordable holistic education that empowers you to care for yourself and others.

Spirit of Yoga (SOY) is public Yoga Studio owned and operated by SWIHA. Our programs will allow you to become registered as a yoga teacher through the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance® Organization.

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Morning Fast Track: 
August 18 2022

Evening Schedule:
September 28 2022

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Yoga Specialty Certificates

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Yoga Nidra
100 Hour Certificate

  • Discover Yoga Nidra as a spiritual practice to  find strength and stress-relief.
  • Learn to write scripts for meditation and prepare a safe environment for the session.
  • Explore the fundamental principles and science behind Yoga Nidra.
  • Gain an understanding of the Koshas (energetic layers) and breathwork techniques.
  • Integrate sound, mantra, and visualization techniques into your offerings.

Yoga Body Psychology
100 Hour Certificate

  • Learn how to lead a therapeutic yoga class with partner and prop supported assists
  • Explore the anatomy of energy and how it becomes blocked
  • Use a variety of prop and partner assisted yoga postures to intensify energy flow
  • Learn about the chakras as a map to personal evolution and how yoga therapy poses can be used
  • Discover how to healthfully integrate and release emotions for yourself and others